Matrix Maintenance

Now that you are an official TM Beauty, it is important that you take care your luxurious extensions as well as your natural hair.  The Matrix Maintenance is a staple feature at TME for one simple reason:  Optimal Hair Health.  We guarantee the quality of all installations with proper care and timely maintenance appointments.  Matrix Maintenance appointments include the following services:

Shampoo and Deep Conditioning:  Your extensions are thoroughly cleansed utilizing our sulfate-free hair care line from Restore.

Foundation Strengthening and Tightening:  You are placed under a hooded dryer to ensure that your foundation is properly dried.  Your thread work is inspected and lightly tightened to guarantee that the weight of the extensions are properly distributed while wearing the Matrix Sew-In.

Style and Curl:  You are seated at your technician's station where you will receive your star-quality style and curl.  Choose the style that fits your mood...soft curls framing your face or strands falling between your shoulder blades?  Feel free to complete your look in the Powder Room.  Finally, find the perfect lighting and take your selfie!

*Upon completion of every service, each TM Beauty receives a postcard of recommended products used to maintain your new look and manage upcoming appointments.

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