Q:  How do I make an appointment?

A:  We have made our appointment booking process where you are able to speak with a LIVE appointment coordinator Tues-Sat for non-members and on our app, online booking and phone for members.  We love making each appointment experience personalized for guest ease.

Q: Do you take walk ins?

A: Yes we do have the ability to take walk in appointments.  The way it works is we do service all of our appointments on a priority basis and we fit our walk ins around those time frames.  For those that have a need for specified in and out service we do suggest a scheduled appointment.

Q: Can I bring in my own hair for a Matrix Sew In?

A:  Unfortunately, to quality control the Matrix Experience Salon, we do not allow clients to bring in their own selection of hair. We do have a fully stocked showroom to use for your Matrix installation.

Q:  Do you work with clients that do not have a relaxer?

A:  ABSOLUTELY!  About 85% of our clients come to use because we specialize in working with non relaxed hair with our without extensions.

Q:  Do I need to let my technician know of the services being performed when making an appointment?

A:  Yes.  This is extremely important because all of our services book are on a timed basis.  Once you book your appointment you receive a window for start to finish time.  In some instances your appointment may have to be moved to accommodate multiple services.  In the event a service is asked for that wasn't booked the technician may or may not be able to perform that service due to the next scheduled appointment.  Our techs truly respect your time.

Q:  What is your late policy?

A:  We give all of our guests and technicians a 15 minute grace period.  After that time frame the technician may have to remove services to make sure the guest is completed at the stated end time.  We ask that our guest arrive on time so that we can meet each clients expectation.

Q:  Do you allow children?

A:  We allow children if being serviced.  This is for the safety of the child and to allow guest comfort when being serviced.  Alot of our services are quite lengthy and will be difficult to maintain the childs comfort as well.  We would unfortunately have to reschedule services if this were to occur.

Q:  When I call the salon can I speak with my technician?

A:  We like to keep the day flowing for technicians to guarantee that each guest can get in and out of the salon on time.  In the event a call is placed and they are servicing a client our front desk coordinators will offer assistance or leave a message for that technician to call during a break period.  

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